Breakfast Club Sweater - heysoho


HEY SOHO is a German, fair wear, womenswear brand that creates casual and confident fashion for everyday wear, established in Hamburg, Germany in 2017 by Elise Seitz.

The collection hosts statement sweat and jersey pieces of organic cotton and recycled polyester. As a small family business, we’re constantly working for positive change in the fashion industry.

We started our production under fair wear conditions in Asia with the aim of producing more and more in Europe to reduce our environmental footprint.

SOHO STUDIOS INA Mütze gestreift - heysoho


SOHO STUDIOS is the new collection designed under the roof of HEY SOHO. At the core of the contemporary womenswear brand are an understated design of everyday, seasonless pieces that work seamlessly together as a collection. The reduced color palette allows each item to be combined across seasons. With its small collections produced locally in Europe, the durability of the products and their use of renewable materials, SOHO STUDIOS is achieving a sustainable design future with limited environmental impact.


Elise Seitz is the founder of womenswear brands HEY SOHO and SOHO STUDIOS. Elise shares her love for fashion, interior and beauty with her community every day and inspires people with her amiability and her aesthetic sense. Creating her own clothing line emerged organically from these core traits.

HEY SOHO was born in 2017 in Hamburg, Germany, when Elise decided to start her own fashion brand, creating T-Shirts and Sweatshirts with statement prints under fair wear conditions. SOHO STUDIOS was born in 2021 as a more minimalistic and timeless addition to the HEY SOHO approach.

Elise brought a small HEY SOHO crew together, and they are constantly seeking beautiful styles and stories whilst always striving to make fashion that little bit more sustainable.